Unique & Proprietary Structured Finance Solutions

Alpha Assets Capital (“AAC”) or (the “Firm”) facilitates the issuance and professional management of Diversified 144A Bond Securities, which provide qualified businesses/projects/ventures up to 100% funding through our structured loans and investments. Our proprietary capitalization solutions, allow us to segregate higher risk capital from our structured 144A Bond issues, which we invest in emerging-growth SME’s.  Our investment capital is protected by the  “covering” assets or lower risk investments of the Bond. Our structured 144A Bond issues are the flagship of proprietary financial solutions which offered by AAC.  AAC partners with best-of-class, internationally recognized, Blue-Chip Accounting/Audit, Legal and Brokerage firms to achieve timely and absolute results.  We also use best of class providers, issuers and portfolio managers of specific investment-grade, relatively non-correlated alternative assets, as a "Compensating Balance Investment" to provide absolute returns for our investors.

AAC and its partners have developed a cutting edge financial product, which provides for venture capital (structured loans & investments) through "Rated" (and non-rated) 144A Bonds and Form Reg S Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV") issues. The Bond investors are secured through a compensating balance strategy in relatively uncorrelated alternative assets. Our Firm provides this proprietary finance solution to benefit issuers, which in turn provides Qualified Institutional Buyers ("QIB's") with predictable returns, which are not subject to traditional market risk and volatility.  AAC prides itself on our ability to partner with issuers and to customize our structured finance solutions to their specific needs.  We provide innovative, timely and effective capital solutions. ...Read more click here