Unique & Proprietary Structured Finance Solutions

We also bring clarity and authenticity to the myriad of confusing and uncertain options being offered by other firms and crowdfunding platforms, as well as providing greater understanding about the overconfidence of the Venture Capital, Angel Investor, and other Equity Hawks, who statistically only invest in 1% of the deals they review and subsequently want too much equity and difficult terms for their capital.  Our turn-key ILIFE Capital System for self-issuer private placement, offers absolute principal protection options for investors, proven accredited investor marketing, best-of-class deliverables (private placement memorandum & compliant Internet portal /platform) along with methods and systems which are clearly one of the best alternatives to effectively raising capital today. . .Period!   We flat out “play better than anyone else.”  We provide highly marketable deal structures and a turnkey system that attract real investors. . .an SEC compliant and proven capital raising system that enables the self-issuer to Successfully Raise Capital within the shortest period of time!

Alpha Assets Capital (“AAC”) or (the “Firm”) provides several unique and proprietary financial products for the self-issuer, taking advantage of favorable regulations of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act - Title II which went into effect on September 23, 2013.  The JOBS Act substantially changed a number of laws and regulations making it easier for companies to both go public and to raise capital privately. Changes include a more useful version of Regulation A, general solicitation allowed for Regulation D Rule 506 offerings, and an easier path to registration of an initial public offering (IPO) for emerging growth companies.

As a Merchant Banking firm with principals, executives, and advisors who have been successful Investment Bankers, raising millions of private and public capital, we know the rules and process of the capital raising game.  We have designed, from our experience, and taking advantage of the new JOBS Act regulations, a couple of unique new paths to help qualified self-issuers cut through the fog, frustration, barriers, and lack of transparency in today’s new regulations.